Perricone MD describes this as a “uniquely formulated moisturizer that delivers powerful antiaging benefits.”

Contains no:

Our Take:

We seriously did not want to like this – it’s 75 bucks! Ugh! However, we must report this is a mighty fine sunscreen. Some gals can wear this alone, especially in the summer months – and for oilier skins, this is oil-free. Ladies who like more hydration might want to apply a serum or cream first. It’s all about the moisturization, right? (is that even a word?!)

Photo Plasma has a luxurious , whipped consistency and really gives skin a gorgeous, soft radiance – maybe due to the soft pink color, we don’t know, but this truly is a luxe sunscreen – an SPF 30 at that.
Major Drag?

1) The price! $75 for 2 oz. This may have you using it sparingly which is not what we want with a sunscreen so if price is not an issue for you, go for this.

2) Comes in a jar. WTH? This easily could be in a pump container. This does change color over time (oxidation perhaps?) so not sure why Perricone MD didn’t place this in a pump container or squeeze tube. We know that would definitely take away from the luxe presentation but at $75, there’s no appetite to waste this product.

Our Advice

Get a sample (from Sephora?) and try it. If you fall in love, well, you’ve been warned. Blame it on self-care!