Sunday Riley describes this as a “rich and luscious moisturizer that delivers fast-absorbing hydration, while protecting and repairing the visible effects of aging and pollution exposure with high-potency, advanced vitamin C.”

C,E.O. is marketed as a moisturizer that will tackle fine lines, wrinkles, dull and uneven texture and skin tone. It’s apparently enriched with “five percent powerful, lipid-soluble, advanced vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the most superior form), which is more stable and less irritating than ascorbic acid and other vitamin C derivatives”.

Contains No:

Our Take:

We love citrus scents, especially pricey neroli (le sigh) but even for us, the orange citrusy fragrance is too strong. It does go on like a dream though…nice and rich for those seeking extra hydration and glow. As far as price goes, it’s not cheap at $65 but (sadly), a lot of decent moisturizers are priced around that mark. Not sure why it can’t be cheaper (remember when jeans shot up from $50 to $150 like, overnight, and stayed there?! I digress…). On the plus side, C.E.O. is a lot like Bobbi Brown’s Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream and at half the cost! C.E.O is more moisturizing too but the Bobbi Brown cream has a lovelier, softer citrus scent (at least we think so).

Major Drag:

1)The scent!
2) Comes in a jar. Sunday Riley maintains the vitamin c in this cream is super stable but still, why not put it in a pump container?

Our Advice:

Worth a try if you’re seeking serious hydration and don’t mind the strong orange scent